Single kayak

Single-person kayak. It is an ideal kayak for very exciting trips. It moves very smoothly in water and is very easy to manoeuvre. It is safe and comfortable. It has got a big displacement and it is stable even with a full load.




It is a very fast kayak for trips o rivers, lakes and the sea. The straight and long shape of its fin and clear sternpost guarantee “an easy to keep” course in difficult weather conditions.

Kayak touring



It is a sport “double” for active canoeists. It is great for all types of water and its big displacement makes it excellent for long trips with luggage.

Kayak Standard



It is an open ” double” ideal for shorter or longer trips by the whole family. It guarantee optimum comfort and safety.

Canoe Mini

a little and cheap canoe for all people


Canoe 2



It is a modern canoe for demanding travelers and tourists with flair for sport, an excellent boat for all lakes and lowland rivers. It is a very fast boat. Its simple construction, wooden guard-rail, lightweight and aesthetic apperance will satisfy even the fussiest of person.

Canoe 3

It is a boat for all experienced travelers and a family interested in seeing the world. It is excellent for rivers and lakes, fast, stable and safe. A big open cockpit ensures comfortable seating for three people.

Canoe 4

Comfortable canoe up to four adults or two adults and four children. It is quick and easy to manoeuvre and at the same time stable and safe. It is excellent for long and short family trips or trips with friends.

Rowing boat 250


It is a small and lightweight boat for lone anglers, sunbathers and children. A big cockpit and displacement chambers guarantee comfort and safety.

Rowing Boat 370

a lightweight boat for two anglers, comfort and safety